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本文摘要:Stung badly by soaring sales of foreign-made smartphones and tablets, Japans electronics makers are fighting back with a bevy of hi-tech tablets they hopes will turn the tables on the dominant Apple iPad.受到国外生产的智能手机和平板电脑销量一路攀升的相当严重性刺激,日本的电子产品制造商们发售了一批高科技平板电脑,企图收复失地。

Stung badly by soaring sales of foreign-made smartphones and tablets, Japans electronics makers are fighting back with a bevy of hi-tech tablets they hopes will turn the tables on the dominant Apple iPad.受到国外生产的智能手机和平板电脑销量一路攀升的相当严重性刺激,日本的电子产品制造商们发售了一批高科技平板电脑,企图收复失地。他们期望借以挽回苹果(Apple)iPad一统天下的局面。Sony (SNE) is setting its hopes on the svelte, bantam-weight, waterproof Xperia Tablet Z. It aims to duplicate the success of the popular smartphone of the same name, says the firm.索尼公司(Sony)将兴起大业的期望竭尽在了淋漓尽致轻巧透气的Xperia Z平板电脑上。

与这款平板电脑同名的Xperia Z手机在市场上反响不俗,索尼期望Xperia Z平板电脑也能拷贝顺利。Panasonic (PC), meanwhile, is hitching its star to a tablet with so-called 4K technology that it claims displays images at four times greater resolution than existing high-definition resolutions. Both are aimed at the premium end of the tablet spectrum, where Japan tablet makers expect to find their niche. At around $500, the Zs price is steep compared to other tablets on the market but could set new standards for competitors, say analysts. Sony claims its Xperia Tablet Z is the worlds slimmest tablet, and Japans lightest.而与此同时,松下公司(Panasonic)则将其使用4K技术的平板电脑玉女为明日之星。这种技术堪称能用比现有高分辨率还低四倍的分辨率表明图像。


这两款产品都目的夺回平板电脑高端市场,这也是日本平板厂商期望占有的细分市场。Z的售价大约为500美元。分析师称之为, 跟市面上其他平板比起,这个价格觉得高昂,但它也许能为输掉竖立一种全新标准。

而索尼则称之为,自己的Xperia Z平板是全球最纤薄、日本最轻盈的产品。Some think the Z and its ilk could help pull Sony out of a vast financial hole. Recently the firm reported losses for the last quarter of 2012 of 10.8 billion yen. It has been the demand for tablets, particularly those from Apple (AAPL), that has helped to end Sonys and Japans hardware hegemony over the worlds gadgets and piled up its red ink. Sony is still struggling to catch up, says technology consultant Nobuyuki Hayashi, especially with the iPad. Japanese manufacturers are making so many tablets … but I havent seen anyone using them, he says.有些人指出,Z及其家族产品或能老大索尼挣脱相当严重的财务困境。


技术咨询员林信行称之为,索尼还在希望领先于竞争对手,特别是在是iPad。他说道:“日本厂商生产了过于多平板,但我没有看见有多少人在用。”It must be particularly galling for Japans tech industry to miss out on the tablet bonanza. It is estimated Japan supplies 20% to 30% of the parts for the iPad. (They are mostly assembled in China.) Sony, meanwhile, produced tablet computers long before Apple. Trouble was, nobody wanted them. Domestic demand for such gadgets was always poor until, that is, the iPad debuted here nearly 3 years ago. Tablet adoption is very late in Japan. Of course, this is expected to change, says Tokyo-based publisher Xavier Marchand.错失了平板电脑这个富矿一定让日本的科技产业其尤其尴尬。



当然,这种情况是未来将会转变的。”According to analysts at IDC Japan, 3.6 million tablets were sold in Japan in 2012, although another estimate from Yano Research suggests figures are closer to 4.2 million -- nearly twice the number sold in 2011. Yano expects sales to reach 5.6 million for 2013. Apple still accounts for the majority of sales here it says. The iPad mini has been doing fairly well I dont know if the cumulative has exceeded that of iPad, says Hayashi. (According to IDC it has.) Then after a big gap come Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, and Kobo. And then, perhaps, on distant sixth place are Sony, followed by Toshiba, NEC, etc., he says.据市场研究公司IDC日本称之为,2012年日本共计售出了360万台平板电脑,而矢野经济研究所则称之为,这个数字相似420万台——完全是2011年全年销量的两倍。矢野还预计,2013年这一数字将约560万台。

该研究所还回应,苹果公司依然占有着销售额的大头。林信行称之为:“iPad mini十分最畅销,我不确切它的总计销量否已多达了iPad。

”而IDC则称之为iPad mini显然已多达了iPad。他说道:“在第一名身后较远的方位是Kindle Fire、Nexus 7和Kobo。有可能索尼不能远远地分列在第六位,然后才是东芝(Toshiba)、NEC和其他品牌。”Where Japans beleaguered tech firms see their chances is in the development of products for business users, particularly in Japan where the salaryman so far remains generally nonplussed by tablets. Panasonics new 4K offering, for example, hopes to edge out Apple in the market for creative professionals like photographers, designers, architects, and engineers. To compete, Japan Inc. is also eyeing more tie-ups with outside companies. Panasonics new baby was created by partnering with Microsoft (MSFT) and IBM (IBM).日本普通的工薪族中间,多数人至今还没有对平板电脑入门,因此日本这些身陷困境的科技企业指出,为商业用户研发产品才是生路所在。



Others like Sharp and Toshiba, however, seem to have lost the plot altogether when it comes to tablets says Hayashi. Ideas for kickstarting their tablet sales seem few and far between. Toshiba had no clue. So they produced as many sized tablets as they could and see which one size would catch fire. But no one wanted to buy a Toshiba tablet, so I think they are still clueless, he says. Theyve stop producing random sizes and are following the popular formats in the market. NEC and Fujitsu are just following the market trends without a clue, too.林信行还回应,在平板电脑市场上,其他老牌巨头如夏普(Sharp)和东芝或许早已几乎找不着北了。用来推展其平板电脑销售的创新或许少之又少。他说道:“东芝没什么头绪可言。